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Providing Blockchain & AI Education to all ages from Elementary School to Curious Individuals & Businesses.

Experience Our Dedicated Blockchain & AI Consultancy

and Content Creation Services

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Your trusted partner for achieving success and unlocking your full potential. 

We are dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and educating school-aged kids.

Unlock the potential of blockchain technology and AI-powered content solutions with WAGMI Consulting Group's tailored services.

Our expertise in content creation, blockchain education, and AI solutions can help you gain a competitive edge.

Our blockchain basics education services are available online or in-person, allowing you to choose the learning format that best suits your needs.

We also offer engaging children's books and public speaking services on NFTs, Web3, blockchain technology, and AI, making these topics accessible to school-aged kids.

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"The three little PFPs"

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"The Blockchain Odyssey"

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"Jane and the Blockchain"

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"The Honey Code"

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"Back In My Day"

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"Adventures Beyond Reality"

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"The DeFi Dilemma"

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"Horseshoe Tales"

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"NFT Visionaries"

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The Bitcoin Zoo

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Bull vs Bear

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